You have seen its image printed in a multitude ways for over 40 years: The Smiley icon, which has become a universal symbol present in popular culture, the world of music and fashion, now comes to the products of Jugavi to remind us of the power of a smile.

The Smiley symbol as we know it was born in 1972 when French newspaper France Soir prints journalist Franklin Loufrani’s happiness promotion. In the promotion the Smiley logo is used to highlight good news stories. Loufrani soon trademarks Smiley and starts a brand that produces a range of Smiley merchandise and licenses the Smiley for promotional use.

Smiley begins its long standing association with music, featuring on the artwork of the Windsor Free Festival in 1972 and also appearing on the original record cover of iconic single Psycho Killer by legendary rock and roll band Talking Heads.

Smiley is adopted as an icon of the acid house movement by DJ’s and clubbers worldwide, as dance music explodes to the forefront of popular culture. Acid house was named after the bass sound produced by the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer. Smiley appears on the original record cover of Bomb the Bass’s global chart topping single Beat Dis in 1988.

The presence of the already recognizable icon was growing, always linked to different aspects of popular culture, appearing in comics, new musical movements, fashion and reaching until today, where the emoticons dominate the current language and its symbol becomes even more powerful:

In Jugavi we started in 2017 to collaborate with Smiley and we hope soon we can show you some of our multiple designs that make you smile.


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