We will let you frozen

We will let you frozen

Frozen logoIt is the most successful film of Disney Studios in recent years. You’ve heard of the movie and, if you have kids at home, it’s sure they took you to see it last Christmas. But although the Frozen premiere was months ago, its popularity has not been frost.

The numbers of the last Disney movie released in theaters are indisputable: More than $ 1,200 million gross in box office and 15 million copies sold in Blu-Ray / DVD (3.2 million units sold just in its first day). Not to mention the success of the soundtrack: The central theme of the film, “Let it go”, won the Oscar for best original song (official video has over 314 million views on YouTube) and with sales exceed $ 2,700 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest selling albums in history.

In just nine months it has become the highest grossing animated film in history. But the Frozen phenomenon is growing, in fact the film is more popular now than when it was released in November 2013 and it is expected that during 2014 sales of licensed product with Frozen seal exceed $ 1,000 million.

As it is usual, in Jugavi we care to bring our customers an attractive product, fashionable for its design as for its license, so in our catalog for this Winter could not miss some collections inspired by the film and its characters:


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