The force awakens

This weekend we could finally see the first images of the most expected film of 2015: Star Wars Episode VII. It’s a small teaser of only 88 seconds, but it revolutionized the social networks and created great expectations even although the official premiere is in December.

The images reveal little about characters and story (nothing has been revealed yet) but generally leave the fans (which includes us) with good feelings and, above all, wanting for more. We will return to Tatooine, there will be troopers, x-wings, Sith, laser sabers, TIE fighters and yes, we have Millenium Falcon for a while (do not underestimate a ship capable of making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs). Is quite clear the look that J.J. Abrams wanted to give this new trilogy and it seems that his election as a director has been more than successful.

In Jugavi we will incorporate the entire universe of Star Wars to our catalog of products, both classic films as the new trilogy. So for the next year you must to watch for our new items because we will develop many products that will delight fans of the mother of all sagas.