Choose your superhero

Choose your superhero

Avengers vs DC Comics

Being geek is fashion. It’s a fact. Gone are the days when the comic book reader and superheroes lover should hide their hobbies to not be regarded with suspicion.

TV series like The Big Bang Theory claim the role that these masked men occupy in popular culture (and not only in the USA), getting millions of people to put on a t-shirt to show their favorite hero full of pride. Events like the popular COMIC-CON in San Diego, where the “weird” is the one who is NOT disguised and the success of the latest Hollywood blockbusters are clear indicators that the world of superheroes and everything associated with them is very fashionable.

Time ago in Jugavi we have pointed to this particular battle between good and evil and for several seasons we have developed collections based on the world of Marvel, which has achieved great success with Ironman and Spiderman trilogies and, above all, with the awaited meeting of their main characters in The Avengers. This year new products will keep coming with MARVEL seal, as the second parts of Thor and Captain America or the TV series Agents of SHIELD, until the release of The Avengers sequel, which is causing more expectation than first film.

But in Jugavi we don’t stop here, we have the superhero-fever and we need more heroes, so we have recently reached an agreement with DC COMICS. To the long list of Marvel’s characters we can now join the equally iconic characters of Justice League, led by Batman and Superman (the most Super of the superheroes).

The list of accessories that Jugavi has developed is extensive and varied, adding to a great quality and design product the seal of one of the biggest fan phenomenon of the moment, creating successful collections.

And you? Be a geek and choose your favorite superhero!


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