Chic&Love with Swarovski®

Chic&Love with Swarovski®

Chic & Love is a new license with which we have started to collaborate in Jugavi, a new brand based on easy luxury. Their bet is the massive sale. To reach and captivate the masses, with aspirational products of high perceived value at affordable prices, but with fashion of maximum current and trend.

Chic & Love continues the process of democratization of affordable luxury that has started brands like Michael Kors, Zadig & Voltaire, Marc Jacobs, Agatha… by the hand of a Premium brand such as SWAROVSKI®

Chic & Love is SWAROVSKI official partner

Chic & Love will usually incorporate Swarovski® crystals into their collections. Through a strategic alliance with the Swarovski® brand, its crystals will be the differentiating element of Chic & Love products and position the product in the market of affordable luxury to which we belong.

  • Studies indicate that consumers are willing to pay up to more for products that has Swarovski ®.
  • In addition, 75% of women would buy a product for the Swarovski® crystals.

In 2013 the value of the Swarovski® brand was estimated at 5.2 billion dollars, ranking among the top luxury brands.

At Jugavi we believe in the possibilities of this firm with which we are very pleased to collaborate to present collections as bright as Swarovski® crystals that we hope you will love.

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