How to be bad and survive in the attempt

How to be bad and survive in the attempt

Descendants logoHave you ever wondered what happens to the bad guys from Disney stories when the film ends? What if we say you that they live together, exiled on an island … and have children?

With this premise starts “The Descendants”, the new Disney Channel movie that will debut this october in the Spanish TV channel of the studio.

Descendants group

Thus we meet the children (left to right) of Cruella De Vil (Carlos), the Evil Queen (Evie), Maleficent (Mal) and Jafar (Jay). They all live exiled on an island with other known evil characters until they get a chance of redemption. Ben, son of Bella and Adam (The Beauty and the Beast), to commemorate his upcoming coronation as the new king decides to let out these four young people from the prison-island where they live, to attend high school along with the rest of the children of other familiar Disney characters.

From then they must choose whether to follow the fate imposed by their parents and help them escape the island to spread terror in the kingdom, or demonstrate that they can give up the evil in which they were bred to be themselves and find their own way.

Heading the film is Kenny Ortega, director of the High School Musical saga. This, coupled with the fact of mixing known heroes and villains of the Disney universe in this great crossover, makes the film very attractive to the younger audience.

By now we can enjoy the first trailer of the film that has been made public and that we show below:


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