In the year 1988, by the hand of Juan Antonio Garcia Vidal, was born Creaciones Jugavi SL in Beniganim, a town in the province of Valencia (Spain), with the initiative to undertake the manufacture and marketing of toiletry bags and woven shopping bags. They were difficult and complicated years but were setting the basic structure of what will be the company in the coming years. Commercially Jugavi focused on the national market, in small and large retailers.

Time was passing and, coinciding with the end of the century, metal suitcases for cosmetic were introduced as new products in Jugavi’s catalogue. Initially empty but soon after, they begin to be sold full of cosmetics. This change increases the variety of products and is a stimulus for the growth of the company. It also involves the introduction into the largest perfumery chains of Spain and large prestigious clients arround the country from the cosmetics world.

With the new century also come new changes in the future of the company, with the introduction of new products, such as color cosmetics and bath sets. Jugavi also begins to be gradually introduced in the “Licensing World” and thus in the manufacture and marketing of toiletry bags and cosmetics with the brand of known characters such as Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Disney, Warner Bros, Marilyn Monroe, Sponge Bob and many others.

This new approach has resulted in a significant increase in the growth of the company, being able to be in the largest comercial chains of the country and its internationalization. At this time Jugavi is present in seventeen European countries.

All of this with remarkable success thanks to two features that make of Jugavi a solid company: QUALITY and DESIGN in their products.

Perseverance and audacity have guided the spirit of this company, knowing to adapt to changes in the economic world, without losing the benchmarks of quality and design to guarantee the future challenges. There is a firm commitment to these targets, as well as better service and customer relationship. Do not forget that every day is like starting over.

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