Monkey time!

Monkey time!

Paul FrankIn Jugavi are preparing for 2014 a collection inspired by one of the trendiest companies of the moment: Paul Frank.

Once again Jugavi tries to stay ahead of fashion world and reaches an agreement with one of the most current licenses as Paul Frank. Their pet Julius has become an icon and can be seen on many different items, always modern designs inspired by the world of art, music, architecture and entertainment, being well known for audiences of all ages.

Paul Frank was born in 1995 in a small garage in Huntington Beach (California, USA) with the only inspiration of create fun products they wanted for themselves, but their creations with funny characters like Julius and Skurvy and colorful materials made them known quickly.

Although they started to move in the indie and pop culture of Southern California, creating designs for music bands such as The White Stripes, Foo Fighters or Weezer, soon were required by companies like LEGO, John Deere, Mattel, Dr. Scholl’s, Oscar Mayer or the Elvis Presley Foundation to produce highly collectable items pre-sold before they hit stores and never reproduced.

Paul Frank’s presence in the world of movies and music (their articles have appeared in many films and are used by actors and musicians) gives it excellent visibility around the world, being a very attractive and recognized brand. Using Paul Frank’s references, our design team is finishing a collection with cosmetics and toiletry bags for men and women that promises to be at the height of this icon:


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