Mafalda: 50 years watching the world

Mafalda: 50 years watching the world

Mafalda personajes

Mafalda y el mundoOne of the latest additions to the Jugavi’s catalog is the Mafalda’s universe. Created by Quino in 1964, its stories began to be published in Argentina and, although it is essential to know the social and political context of Latin America, the concerns and philosophy displayed by this character are universal.

His comics have been translated into 20 languages ​​and published in more than 50 countries. Very popular throughout South America and Europe (especially in Spain, France and Italy), where is a very loved character by the form she sees the world, always concerned about the injustices and inequalities, explaining in a very simple way the society from the point of view of a girl.

“When you learn all the answers, all the questions are changed” – Mafalda

In 2014 Mafalda celebrates her 50th birthday while she is still very current and in Jugavi we want to celebrate it by presenting a collection of bags and toiletry bags from this and the other characters created by Quino, expanding with this license the bags collections in our catalogue, that has grown during 2013 and will continue growing during 2014.


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